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Have you heard of the grapefruit diet?

If you're not familiar with the grapefruit diet, it is simple. You are expected to eat some grapefruit with every meal to help lose weight. An example might be grapefruit juice in the morning, a whole grapefruit for lunch, and then juice again for dinner.

People say the diet burns off extra calories with its acidity. This is wrong; the stomach is full of acid so that won't help. The only truth behind the diet is that you are filling up with a low calorie food. So instead of a brownie, you might eat a grapefruit.

This is the type of diet that gives weight-loss a bad name.

I like grapefruit, but could you imagine eating one with every meal for the rest of your life. No one could keep that diet. The diet has no longevity. When people start it they are destined to stop it. The weight they might lose is destined to return. There are no long-term changes.

But there is a better, long-term way to lose weight. The "Stop Dieting and Live" system is designed to help you lose weight forever.

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