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This will be the last weight loss website you ever read because I am
certain this will change everything around you.

New Excitement. The beach. Confidence. Health

If you want fad pills... this is NOT for you

If you want zero work... you won't find it anywhere

But if you want solid results; weight loss for life, and physical change, then read on.

Enjoy life on the beach
by Benjamin Green, Author of Stop Dieting and Live, (B.S. Nutritional Science)

To have any weight loss work you MUST do these two things. These are the 2 secrets to weight loss.

The 2 secrets to weight loss

Too many people are trying diets based on incorrect principles; they are destined to fail...

Have you ever struggled with a diet, giving your best efforts and still failing?

If you have, it is likely because you only had the first secret to weight loss, you tried something new. The problem is you didn't do something that works. I imagine you got your instruction from the media, a fad diet, or a friend.

Do NOT make this mistake again!

Everything the fad-media teaches about dieting is wrong.

Losing weight can change your appearance, income, health, and happiness. Are you really going to trust something as important as this to the media, a friend, or even a folkloric remedy?

There are also numerous weight loss programs and plan available today. In fact weight loss is a billion dollar market. Most programs cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. And surprisingly, most of these costly programs don't work.

Don't waste any efforts doing something that doesn't work.

These fad programs will take your best efforts and frustrate them, they will ruin your self confidence. They want your money and will try to keep you hooked. They want recurring income from you; their idea is that when you quit paying them, you gain the weight back.

I want you to lose the weight permanently; I'm not going to sell any monthly products. I'm going to give you simple techniques that work for the long haul.

How can you be sure it works?

Because I believe so much in this program, I hired some authorities in the weight loss and nutrition field to review it. I wanted to put it under the scrutiny of people with training in the health and weight loss field.

I asked them to review the material in the main "Stop Dieting and Live" book and provide very honestly feedback on the program, positive or negative they still got full pay. Here is response I got back.

As a personal trainer, many of these concepts I use on a daily basis to help my clients lose weight. I think this book does a great job explaining key concepts in a simple and matter of fact way. With a character to follow it makes the process more relatable. This book is reasonably priced even though you can never put a price on a better quality of life.

The chapters are short and nicely separated so you don't have to sit and read the entire book in one sitting (even though you can.) It will walk you through small weight loss goals one change at a time. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to make a change in their habits and body image, but has no idea where to start.

Arthur Thares, MN
Personal Trainer

Faceshot of Carolyn Stop Dieting and Live by Benjamin Green was a great read! I am a Holistic Health Coach Certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and the AADP.

In my coaching program, I work with clients to naturally lose weight through moderation and simple changes in diet and lifestyle. Ben's e-book covers all of these topics and more in a way that is easy to understand and enjoyable to read.

Ben uses real life examples to show that everyone can do this with the right tools and uses great images to help the reader to make a visual connection with the material.

The book covers all of the necessary topics very quickly and concisely which allows busy readers to fit reading this (and making the required changes) easily into their lives. I truly enjoyed Stop Dieting and Live and I'd love to share this with my clients in the future!

Carolyn Gleason, New Hampshire
Holistic Health Coach

Natalie S. Masters in Nutritional Science Masters in Public Health This ebook truly lives up to its name. Mr. Green delivers the truth about weight loss in a step-by-step healthy method for losing weight - for good.

He has transformed the science of nutrition into understandable, practical advice that anyone can follow. Each page is filled with useful advice on how to lose weight in a healthy way while avoiding scams.

The information in this ebook is crucial for anyone who wants to lose weight and keep it off. As a nutritionist, I thank Mr. Green for providing this valuable resource to anyone concerned about weight.

Natalie S
Masters in Nutritional Science
Masters in Public Health

Considering the fact that you are reading this, I would suggest that you understand the first secret to weight loss, you are looking for change.

Do not lose this drive, pledge to lose weight while you have the desire.

I am going to help you to understand the human body. And once you see why people gain weight, then you will stop believing these crazy fad diets.

I will assure that you understand weight loss. And then I will give you something that works.
Stop dieting and live will help decrease your jeans size

I will give you a solid foundation which can keep you slim and healthy for the rest of your life. You just need to bring the desire to change.

It is crazy to think you can get different results doing the same things. If you don't try something new, you won't get any change. If you want to get slimmer, make changes.

But make sure you make the right changes. You won't lose weight with the same start-and-stop dieting approach. Been there, done that, now let's try something new.

Trying to lose weight the wrong ways is actually worse, do not make that mistake

Failing at a diet hurts self confidence, decreases muscle mass, slows metabolism, and makes starting over again even harder. Do not lose your self-confidence on a crazy fad diet. Do the right things that promote life-long weight loss. This is the best way to prevent failure.

Stop Dieting and Live will give you true weight loss. It is something that you can feel confident about starting, because it supports every life style. You won't fail this weight loss program. The reason you won't fail it is because there are no limitations.

In fact, there are no restrictions, limitations or grueling exercises.

Faceshot of Nichole Your book is a 'Mind Set', a truthful reality about weight loss or weight gain and to me was empowering, honest and well, it just made sense. No gimmicks, no lies, no fads or pills.

I was impressed with the accurate explanation as to why and how dieting/and exercise works and in my opinion the down to earth truth that most people fail to realize.

After reading it I believe with every fiber of my being that not only can I change my mind set or my way of thinking to lose weight but so can everyone else. Very easy to read and follow. The examples in your book about fad diets or miracle pills are so true. Anyone with a weight issue knows that fads and pills are not real solutions but we can't help ourselves, we can't say no, that's why fad diets and miracle diets make billions and we gain the weight back, not fair.

After reading your book I no longer am looking for the simple or easy way out that never works. It says it all, MAKE A CHANGE. It really comes down to that. The dieting cycle picture really grabbed my attention and the science of dieting was an eye opener.

I was really impressed with the examples of "energy in" vs. "energy out" coupled with the types of foods we normally eat and their actual serving sizes. Your book reads like I live my life and accurately described so many facts about dieting and weight loss that I have experienced many times before.

The bottom line is Stop Dieting and Live to lose weight is real. The price, bonus books and 60 day money back guarantee was a no brainer.

Thank you,

Nichole F.
West Virginia

This book is one of the best I've ever read about weight lost. It starts from the beginning to the end without any crap and extra info. The book explains how you can get in shape within a few weeks and how to choose what to eat without starving and without any expensive pills.
Everything is in the calories and how you can manage yourself the right proportions. After reading this book I changed my opinion about life. It's not all eating and exercising, it's a way of living healthy. The book also teach me that I shouldn't give up and when I choose to live healthy I must keep this life style.

The author explains how to manage body weight and prevent gradual weight gain in adulthood. My last words would be - People, this is something I read in a couple of hours and it convinced me that I need to change something about my weight and my life style.

Nick Brown
Seattle, WA

We want to give you this program and help you change your life. You bring the first secret to weight loss, "the desire to change." We will provide the second, "proven weight loss principles that work.""

So now you are probably asking, what do I have to do to get this program?

I'm not asking for an arm-and-a-leg, I know about financial hard times. I'd only like a fair payment for the years of study and planning that went into this program. While many people spend hundreds of dollars on semi-effective plans, I normally only ask for around $20 for the full program.

However, instead of the normal $19.95 price, right now I'm giving the full Stop Dieting and Live system for $14.95*. That is less than the cost of a single meal or a few cups of coffee. If you look at the next 60 days, this program is less than a quarter a day for 60 days. *(This day-to-day promotional offer is temporary)

During the first 60 days,I personally guarantee to refund ALL your money if you don't lose weight.

60 day money back guarantee

I'm willing to make a weight-loss guarantee because I know this program works. I'm absolutely confident that you will lose weight with this system. I'm also certain that you will keep it off. I'm so confident that I'll give you 60 days to see it happen.

Yes, this guarantee is rock solid, if it doesn't work for you, we will give you ALL your money back for up to 60 days. There is no risk to you, especially at a low price like $14.95. I don't want you to regret passing this up.

Plus we use ClickBank.com to process our sales, this way you have 128bit SSL encryption, backed by ClickBank, VeriSign and McAfee. There really is no risk, try now and see how much weight you lose in the next 60 days. We are also registered members with HonestEOnline and you can click and verify below.

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For only $14.95 you get our complete weight-loss and self-confidence library

Stop Dieting and Live

You get the entire system. All techniques, secrets, scientific principles and solid instruction.

The book is sure to produce weight loss and keep it off forever.
This is the last weight loss book you will ever need!

Retail Value: $29.99
Fantastic Weight-Loss Recipes Package

A packaged collection of tasty, weight loss recipes. These are foods you can enjoy without feeling bloated, full or tired.

Now you can eat healthy and feel great.

Retail Value: $19.99
The Journey to a New You

This is another powerful perspective on losing weight and keeping it off forever. You will find many resources to help you stay slim and happy.

Plus we will throw in the audio book (.mp3 format) so you can listen anywhere.

Retail Value: $17.00
Guide to Help Teenagers Lose Weight

This is a great book designed to help teenagers lose weight. It talks about self-esteem, careful weight-loss, and has many techniques.

While it is designed for teens, I think it is great for any age.

Retail Value: $9.95
Tips for Personal Development

A great book designed for success in life. This book teaches many great skills for staying slim and finding joy and happiness in life.

Retail Value: $12.00
Investing In You

This book will teach you how to put yourself first. You will be surprised how a few simple secrets can make such a large difference.

Retail Value: $12.95

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The full Stop Dieting and Live Package

I'm throwing in all these awesome books to help you make the desired changes now. I want to remove any doubts you might have. You have no reason to stay over-weight. Now is the time to start real weight loss.

I'm removing any risk on your part

No cost to try this program $14.95 is a very low price for a full fledged weight loss system. I've thrown in every bonus I can to help you get your money's worth. But still, you have a 60 day money back guarantee to lose the weight. That's 2 full months to try it.
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No failure to try this program This system works. You will lose weight and you will keep it off, forever. You can do this because there are no restrictions, limitations or grueling exercises. And if you aren't satisfied in 60 days, just send me an email and I will refund all your money, guaranteed.

You bring the desire, and I'll provide the true results.

Everything has been done to make sure you lose weight. There is no fluff in this program; it's concise so you can finish it. It is clear, powerful, and easy to read. It might even be fun.

You can lose weight with this system. But more than just losing weight, this system will help you keep the weight off forever. The entire program is designed to be permanent.

But that isn't all you get, we'll do more to make sure you get slim.

You get a subscription to my motivation and encouragement newsletter (an $18 value). This is one of the best ways to make sure the weight never returns, and it's yours FREE.

All of the eBooks come in an easy to read .PDF format. No annoying eBook readers, just clear, weight-loss success. You can print them if you like, or read them on any computer with Adobe Reader (free software) which is found on almost all computers.

One full year of free access to all of these products' future updates.

To demonstrate my commitment to the principal of giving and sharing, I will also give 10% of my profits to charity. You can feel good about making a difference when you get the "Stop Dieting and Live" system. making a difference when you get the "Stop Dieting and Live" system.

Don't make weight loss mistakes ever again

Here is the secret to a new you, Start Today . Too many people hope for a better tomorrow without making any changes today. However, tomorrow only comes because of today. Change your life like so many other happy people!

Do not make excuses like, "I'll do it next week," or "I'll lose weight when I have more time." These excuses don't work. They will just make changing harder and harder...

The longer you live with excess weight, the harder it will be to drop it. Make your life easy and do it now.

For less than the price of one dinner-out, you can change your life. I am certain this will change everything around you. New Excitment. The beach. Confidence. Health.

Click below to get Stop Dieting and Live from our secure servers today. You will have full access to the downloads page. Now is the time to start, not later.

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If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. And get ready to change your life, look good and feel great!

Benjamin Green
Author of Stop Dieting and Live
B.S. Nutritional Science

P.S. - Remember, you have nothing to lose. There is a solid 100% money back guarantee for 60 days. There is nothing that should keep you from getting started today.

P.P.S - Lots of other online products will try to trick you into paying recurring fees. With the "Stop Dieting and Live" there will only be one charge, period, and it is covered by our powerful guarantee.

P.P.P.S - If you have questions about this system, send me an email. I'm happy to discuss with you how this system will get you slim. Just take the last step and do it.

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