General Mills is cutting the sugar down in some children’s cereals

General Mills cereals now have less sugar
General Mills cereals now have less sugar

Great news,

General Mills is planning on dropping the sugar in some of its main cereal products like Lucky Charms, and Cocoa puffs. They are doing this because enough people have complained. They plan to make changes to their advertised cereal products. This is a great move by General Mills, its something that should have been done a long time ago.

If they are going to market these foods to our kids, they had better be marketing something healthy. A study published by  the Rudd Center recently found that the least-healthy breakfast cereals are the most frequently and aggressively marketed directly to children.

I believe that changes like this are taking place because people are starting to wake up and do something about it. We can’t be afraid to recognize obesity as a real problem and challenge it head-on.

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A study finds 1 in 5 obese among 4-year-olds

I just notcied an article on Yahoo News that was quite disturbing. A new study conducted by the National Center for Educational Statistics claims that 1 in 5 obese among 4-year-olds. The study also suggests that this percentage is higher for American Indians.

I guess it’s true, obesity is going to be the next great problem America has to face. The problem is we live in a world where everyone wants quick solutions and instant gratification. Also, peole have the strange idea that more is always better.

This article was a reminder of how important it is to live a healthy, well-balanced diet.

Baseball park will sell a 4,800-calorie burgers

4800 Calorie Burger
4800 Calorie Burger

I just saw an article about a baseball park in Michigan. I was surprised to see that they are planning on selling  a new 4,800 calorie burger.

If you don’t know. The average calorie need for a young, active male is 3000. A woman’s needs are usual around 2000. 2000-3000 is the number of calories guys and girls need per day.

This baseball parks burger is more than all the food we need in an entire day! And people wonder why Americans are becoming obese.