AllDaySlim Diet Scam

There is a new internet diet craze, this one is called AllDaySlim.

Assam fruit found in AllDaySlim diet pills


After careful review of the diet product and research I will now present my results.

Website: Their website is professional looking, they have lots of pretty graphics, logos and colors. They have neat charts and lead one to believe they have a great deal of scientific information. They show lots of pictures of extremely skinny women.

Their testimonial videos are from active, health-conscious people; people that obviously understand exercise and weight loss.They use lots of strong, hype-filled wording on their site. Their sales writing is very well done and it is designed to influence you.


Product: Their product is a yellow pill. They claim their weight loss power from the Assam fruit. This fruit is also called Assam Gelugur or Garcinia cambogia. It is a fruit that grows naturally in south India. I posted a picture of the fruit with this article, in case you wanted to see it.

The fruit produces an extract called hydroxycitric acid (HCA).  This is the substance in question and the grounds by which the AllDaySlim can even justify selling a product.

A search through the scientific literature was conducted, looking for a correlation between hydroxycitric acid and weight loss.

A clinical study was found from the Obesity Research Center at St Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital. This study had 135 subjects and found, “Garcinia cambogia failed to produce significant weight loss and fat mass loss beyond that observed with placebo.” (


The department of foods and Nutrition at  Purdue University studied hydroxycitric acid and here are their results, “This study does not support a satiety effect of HCA.” (


A study by Department of Human Biology at Maastricht University found, “Two-week supplementation with HCA and HCA combined with MCT did not result in increased satiety, fat oxidation, 24 h EE or BW loss compared to PLA, in subjects losing BW.”  (


Another study from Center for Human Nutrition at University of Colorado Health Sciences Center found that, “These results do not support the hypothesis that (-)-HCA alters the short-term rate of fat oxidation in the fasting state during rest or moderate exercise, with doses likely to be achieved in humans while subjects maintain a typical Western diet (approx 30-35% total calories as fat).” (


There were other studies that found some minor benefit, but most of these were conducted in rats. The majority of evidence indicates that Assam Gelugur does not work, and therefore AllDaySlim will not work.


Price: $69.95 per month. Don’t be fooled by free trial gimmicks. The second you accept the trail offer you are signed up for monthly orders of $70.  This is a very high price for the  inconclusive evidence found in the scientific literature.  Also, with the small pill size it is unlikely that the dosage is even high enough to make a difference.  They don’t list an ingredients or dosage anywhere.

Take the $70 a month and get a membership to a gym or a personal trainer. There are much better ways to use that money and get into great shape.

To learn more about safe weight loss principles visit Stop Dieting and Live

5 Secrets to Stop Cavities

Want to have better dental health? Here are a few life style suggestions that might make visiting the dentist a little more pleasant. Also, most of them will help with natural weight loss.

  • Space eating to at least 2 hours apart. This decreases acid time on the teeth.
  • Reduce frequency of consumption of foods containing fermentable carbohydrates. This includes foods like cookies and cakes.
  • Enjoy foods that help prevent cavities like low-fat milk, fruits, and vegetables.
  • If you chew gum, be sure to chew a sugar free gum. Gums with xylitol actually help prevent cavities.
  • Drink water to satisfy your thirst instead of sugary sodas or sweetened coffee.

These are some techniques to help improve your teeth, but they will certainly help with natural weight loss too. Remember, Stop Dieting and Live is about healthy life style changes that last. No crazy diets or fads, just small improvements for lifelong benefit.

Is Sensa a scam?

Have you heard about the new weight loss powder that is becoming a big hit on the internet? It’s a white powder that you can sprinkle in your food to support weight loss.  The claim is that the white powder will curb your desire to eat through sensory signals.

My first impression. Their website looks very professional, with lots of testimonials, a doctor advocate, and some celebrity endorsements. When I first looked at the product I was careful. It seemed too good to be true. I had to take a moment think clearly about this new product.

Here is what is suspicious:

1. Their billing system: They tell you it’s a free trial kit. You can’t find the real price anywhere. I had to give up my address and phone number just to get to the page where they have this message.

You have a full 30 days to try your Sensa 2-Month Starter Kit. If you enjoy Sensa, do nothing. You’ll be billed one low payment of $89.95 on 11/1/2009. That’s a 23% SAVINGS off the retail price.

Plus, you’ll enjoy free enrollment in our Sensa AutoShip Delivery Service. You will automatically receive a fresh supply every 2 months so you never run out of Tastants. Plus you will lock in the low price of only $89.95 every 60 days, billed to your credit card, plus free shipping and handling. You save 23% on every shipment! If for any reason during the 30-day trial period you are dissatisfied with your Sensa 2-Month Starter Kit, simply return the products. Cancel at any time with no obligation.

CA, UT & CO residents will be charged sales tax at time of purchase. Customer is responsible for return postage. Questions? Contact a Sensa Customer Care Representative toll-free at (866) 514-2554

Hmmm…  $89.95 for small powder packages. Plus they automatically sign you up to buy more every 60 days. And if you don’t like the stuff, you pay for the return. These are red flags.

2. Their Research:

(Updated – 6/14/2010) Sensa has finally posted links to their research. They call upon Dr. Hirsch’s study called “Weight Reduction Through Inhalation of Odorants.” His study found some correlation between odorants and weight loss.

His sujects had an inhaler to administer the smells. Unlike the small packs they sell,  his subjects often used the inhaler up to 288 times a day. Also, the study states that the smells only worked for people that had specific traits:

  1. a great sense of smell (identified the apple odorant in the Chicago Smell Test)
  2. only ate 2-4 times a day,
  3. felt bad about overeating but not about themselves

Also, there were other correlations with the weight loss like frame-size, spending time with others, and eating certain foods (chocolate, apples and mints).

At the end of the study the doctor states that their may be some benefit to smells if coupled with a nutrition and exercise program.

Considering the importance of weight loss, this was a very small study. The product has few tests, and no other scientists have attempted to repeat the study to make sure it works. There is money to be made and I am afraid a product is being marketed on hype rather than science.

Another strong argument against using Sensa is that the study was only conducted for 6 months. I would question if the human body would become sensitized to these smells. Before you spend money on this, try a nutrition and exercise program like the doctor suggests. I bet you will get similar results without the smells and high costs.

See the study here:

3. What others are saying: I went to to see what others were saying. People did not seem happy with their marketing practices. There were some complaints about not getting a refund. This is a bad sign.

(added 2/10/2010 – Look at the comments below, we’ve had a big response about Sensa and you can see some of it right here.)

4. What have experts said? (added 9/4/2010)

I found it very humorous that Sensa boasted that they were listed on webMD in their TV commercial. If someone actually did their homework and read the webMD article they would see that it was negative towards Sensa. I guess Sensa didn’t expect us to be smart enough to even evaluate their sources.

WebMD points out that the study was not conducted as a Clinical Trial which is the gold standard for studies. WebMD also points out that Sensa has never been validated, nor published in a peer-reviewed medical journal. Their doctor, Pamela Peeke, MD said,

“[Sensa] is not a magic bullet. There is no magic sprinkle. This isn’t even a diet,” … “It oversimplifies the complex physiology and psychology associated with appetite.” She also points out that there is nothing unique about the list of ingredients in the tastants.

So will it really work? I doubt it. I imagine that in the beginning you might feel fuller and less hungry. But over time your body will just get used to the new smells and tastes. Honestly, this is not a good way to lose weight. Take the $89.95  (every 60 days) and buy a gym membership, Wii Fit, or more nutritious foods.

Is it long term? The main reason to avoid Sensa is because it is NOT a long term solution. You do not want to buy their product for the rest of your life to stay slim.

To learn more about safe weight loss principles visit Stop Dieting and Live


Obesity to Cut U.S. Life Expectancy

In the age of modern medicine and surgical miracles, researchers are forecasting a decrease in life expectancy.  It is possible that the average American age could decline by as much as 5 years unless aggressive efforts are made to slow rising rates of obesity. This is a serious problem that we are facing.The same studies also suggested that people who are severely obese could live up to 20 years less than people who are not overweight.

You don’t have to search for any holy grail to lengthen your life, why not just make some simple life style changes. Losing weight doesn’t have to be a challenge. It can be easy. Start today and make your new life longer and thinner.

You can see the NIH article here:

5 Steps to Prevent Obesity in Children

Obesity in children is become a large problem. In the U.S. the over-weight trend is growing, with 1 out of 3 children being classified as overweight or obese. Children are spending more time inside and less time playing outside. We are seeing fewer home cooked meals and more ‘fast and easy’ calorie-dense solutions. This is becoming a serious problem, as being over-weight is linked to large variety of health and social problems. Some of these problems may include:

  • development of unhealthy eating disorders
  • increased risk of depression or drug abuse
  • elevated blood pressure and high cholesterol with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes
  • joint and bone problems
  • shortness of breath, this makes exercise, sports, or any physical activity more difficult
  • restless or disordered sleep patterns
  • liver and gall bladder disease

It’s is important that parents are proactive. Parents can prevent obesity by supporting and working with their children. Some suggests are:

  1. Remove any ‘clean your plate’ policies. Kids should stop eating when they are full.
  2. Encourage outdoor activities and limit time spent playing computer games and watching TV.
  3. Don’t make food restrictions or limitations. Children will resist strict limitations, it is better to support and encourage health eating.
  4. Eat meals as a family. This is a great way to make sure kids are eating wholesome foods.
  5. Be a good role-model. If you need to lose weight, now is a great time to start.

Remember, no matter what your children weigh, show them that you love them.

Want to get married, lose weight

Obesity may decrease chances of marriage in young men

I just finished reading an interesting article about obesity. Researchers have found a correlation between marriage rate  in young men and obesity. Their results were that obese young-men had a more difficult time getting married than non-obese young men.

Their study indicated that men had a 50 percent less chance of being married by their 30s and 40s if they were obese. The study suggested that women may value appearance over intellectual performance or socio-economic situation.

I’m always skeptical about these types of studies, but it was still an interesting read. Regardless of the accuracy of the results, I think the story drives a strong point. Maintaining a healthy body weight provides many benefits, including help in social situations.

You can see the full article here:   Obese young men have less hope of marriage

Cyclic Dieting May Cause Gallstones

Cyclic dieting may caused gallstones

Diet cycling may be a risk factor for gallstones. Diet cycling is when people repeatedly gain and lose weight. It is one of the main problems with dieting, starting and stopping. This cyclic dieting, especially with losses and gains of more than 10 pounds, has shown to increase the risk for gallstone development.

Why gallstones develop more frequently in people who engage in cyclic dieting is still unclear. But, it is believed that the rise in cholesterol may be responsible. It is also believed that with each cycle the risk of gallstones increases.

This is just another reason why dieting doesn’t work. The best way to lose weight is with permanent life-style changes.